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Acacia concinna
Ailment Skin diseases  + , Malaria  + , Dandruff control  +
Ailment type Infectious diseases  + , Organ-specific disorders  +
Biotic zone Northeastern Himalayas + , Eastern Ghats + , Western Ghats + , Central Deccan Plateau + , East Coast + , West Coast + , Indo-Gangetic Plain +
Class Magnoliopsida +
Commercial application Medicinal use  + , Cosmetic use  + , Other use  +
Commercial use description Used in shampoos and hair conditioners. ThUsed in shampoos and hair conditioners. The plant parts used for the dry powdered or the extract are the bark, leaves or pods. The bark contains high levels of saponins, which are foaming agents that are found in several other plant species. Saponin-containing plants have a long history of use as mild cleaning agents. Saponins from the plant's pods have been traditionally used as a detergent, and in Bengal for poisoning fish; they are documented to be potent marine toxins. In commercial extracts, when the plant is hydrolyzed it yields lupeol, spinasterol, acacic acid, lactone, and the natural sugars glucose, arabinose and rhamnose. It also contains hexacosanol and spinasterone. The saponin of the bark has spermicidal activity against human semen. It appears to have a hormonal effect, leading to its use for contraceptive purposes. The leaves have an acidic taste and are used in chutneys. They contain oxalic, tartaric, citric, succinic and ascorbic acids, as well as two alkaloids, calyctomine and nicotine. An infusion of the leaves has been used in anti-dandruff preparations. Extracts of the ground pods have been used for various skin diseases. have been used for various skin diseases.  +
Common Indian names Shikakai,शिकाकाई (Hindi);Shikakai,शिकाकाई Shikakai,शिकाकाई (Hindi);Shikakai,शिकाकाई (Marathi); Shika,Sheekay,Chikaikkai (Tamil); Cheeyakayi, Chinik-kaya, Shikai Cheenikka (Malayalam); Cheekaya, Chikaya, Gogu (Telugu); Sheegae, Shige kayi, Sigeballi (Kannada); Vimala (Oriya); Shikakai (Urdu); Amsikira, Kachuai, Pasoi tenga, Suse lewa (Assamese); Bahuphenarasa, Bhuriphena, Charmakansa, Charmakasa, Phenila (Sanskrit)harmakansa, Charmakasa, Phenila (Sanskrit)  +
Common hindi name शिकाकाई Shikakai  +
Common name Soap pod  +
Cultivation details Under glass, plants should be grown in potUnder glass, plants should be grown in potting mix in full light, plenty of water in growing season and sparing amounts in winter. Outdoors, the plants can be grown in moderately fertile, neutral to acidic soil in full sun. Hard pruning should be avoided. Seeds can be sown in spring when the temperature is more than 18C after soaking in warm water until swollen. Semi ripe root cuttings can be planted in root cuttings can be planted in summer.  +
Division/Phylum Magnoliophyta +
Endemic Eastern Ghats false  +
Endemic Himalayan false  +
Endemic Western Ghats false  +
Family Fabaceae +
Flower color Pink  +
Food use No  +
General morphology
Genus Acacia +
Habitat details Rain forest, disturbed forest, open grassland, fields, creek sides, in open areas often a sprawling shrub; also recorded from limestone; altitude 50-1050 m  +
Header caption Shikakai morphology, from a plate in book published ~1880  +
Header image Acacia concinna Blanco2.374.png  +
IUCN status Not Evaluated  +
Introdescription ''Acacia concinna'' or Shikakai is used in''Acacia concinna'' or Shikakai is used in India in a variety of hair-care products. The bark of the plant contains a high level of Saponins which give the extract a foaming and cleansing characteristic. It belongs to the ''Acacia'' genus which has over 1100 members around the world.(AHS Encyclopedia)embers around the world.(AHS Encyclopedia)  +
Medicinal significance Yes  +
Medicinal system Ayurveda + , Folk Medicine +
Medicinal use description The saponins produced from the fruit have The saponins produced from the fruit have a mildly low pH and detergent action, which gives them antibacterial cleansing properties. Decoction of the leaves acts as a purgative and is used to relieve malaria. An ointment prepared from ground pods is used as a skin cream. from ground pods is used as a skin cream.  +
Modern scientific knowledge description Saponins extracted from ''A concinna'' have been reported to have spermicidal activities ''(Pakrashi et al, 1991)'', immunological adjuvant activities ''(Kukhetpitakwong et al, 2006)'' and anti-cancer, cytotoxic activities ''(Tezuka et al, 2000)''  +
Name meaning Shikakai means "food for the hair. It is called so because extract of the Shikakai fruit has been traditionally used as herbal shampoo.  +
Native species Yes  +
Order Fabales +
Page creation date 15 June 2010  +
Plant commercial Yes  +
Plant height 3 feet to 6 feet  +
Plant medicinal part Leaves  + , Fruit  +
Plant pest and disease Spider mites + , Mimosa webworms + , Scale insects + , Fungal leaf spots + , Heart rot (caused by ''Armillaria'') + , Root rot (caused by ''Ganoderma'') +
Plant type Woody (Tree/Shrub)  +
Propagation method Seeds  + , Vegetative propagation  +
Regnum Plantae +
Religious significance No  +
Species name w:Acacia concinna +
State Assam  + , Andhra Pradesh  + , Arunachal Pradesh  + , Bihar  + , Delhi  + , Goa  + , Gujarat  + , Karnataka  + , Kerala  + , Madhya Pradesh  + , Maharashtra  + , Manipur  + , Meghalaya  + , Mizoram  + , Nagaland  + , Orissa  + , Pondicherry  + , Punjab  + , Rajasthan  + , Sikkim  + , Tamil Nadu  + , Tripura  + , Uttar Pradesh  + , West Bengal  +
Time of harvesting All year round  +
User ID User:Gauravm +
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