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Official documents and reports related to biodiversity and environment

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Government of India and Indian NGOs


  1. Environmental Performance Index 2012 - India profile A study by Yale and Columbia. Although India performs well on forest cover, it performs worst on ALL kinds of pollution.


  1. Millenium development goals - India 2011 by GOI's Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation. Lists India's progress in satisfying eight goals laid out by the United Nations in 2000.
  2. Critically Endangered animals of India and accompanying press note. Report released by the Ministry of Environment of India on March 11, 2011. Lists 57 species as endangered, as per IUCN data. For Critically Endangered species present in Brahma database, see this link.
  3. The Conservation Action Plan For The Ganges River Dolphin 2010-2020 by National Ganga River Basin Authority Ministry of Environment & Forests Government of India. Know more about Ganges river dolphin here
  4. Tourism and the Western Ghats A 2011 report by Equations, an NGO based in India. Find more papers by the NGO on its homepage here.
  5. Tiger Census-2010 report by Min of Environment and Forests, Gov of India.


  1. Economics of Biodiversity Report released by Ministry of Environment and Forests.
  2. National Solar Mission official document Government of India ambitious solar energy generation plan
  3. National Mission for Green India official document Government of India's ambitious plan for reforestation
  4. National Biodiversity Authority website
  5. Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment (INCCA) website
  6. Climate Change and India: A 4X4 Assesment - A sectoral and regional analysis for 2030s INCCA report released on 16Nov 2010
  7. Taxonomy Capacity Building Initiative
  8. Environment Audit Report 2010 by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India Link 2
  9. Carbon Disclosure Project 2010 India 200 Report published by WWF-India


  1. Forest Department of India's State of Indian Forests Report 2009 Suggests India's forest cover increasing but some states are doing worse.
  2. Monitoring Tiger Status and Habitat: A Field Guide by the Project Tiger of India.
  3. Biodiversity Significance of North East India by WWF-India.

International organizations


  1. Millenium Development Goals 2011 A report by United Nations. The Millennium Development Goals are a set of goals that all the world’s countries and leading development institutions have agreed to try to achieve by 2015. A summary of goals listed here.
  2. National Geographic Greendex 2011 An international research approach to measure and monitor consumer progress towards environmentally sustainable consumption. The key objectives of this unprecedented consumer tracking survey are to provide regular quantitative measures of consumer behavior and to promote sustainable consumption.
  3. Global Tiger Recovery Program 2010-2022 report (Final version) released by the Global Tiger Initiative Secretariat. See the Predraft here.
  4. Publish what you fund A global campaign for aid transparency
  5. IATI International Aid Transparency Initiative. See the IATI standards. Signatories agreed at IATI’s launch in Accra in 2008 that they would “share more detailed and more up-to-date information about aid in a form that makes information more accessible to all relevant stakeholders.


  1. Bubble Plot of CO2 emissions by country in 2010 Shows the biggest bubbles of China, US, India and Russia. Impressive graph.
  2. UN Global Forest Resources Assessment Report 2010 The key highlight of the project is that in the past decade, land under forest cover has actually increased, thanks to enthusiastic and determined conservation efforts by Brazil and Indonesia and due to massive amount of reforestation by China. However, in many individual countries, especially those in Africa, the forests are rapidly being destroyed. India's forest cover has slightly increased, but more investment and concerted efforts are needed.
  3. Census of Marine Life An ambitious, 10 year long international project to document what lives in our oceans. The project involves 80+ countries, more than 2700 scientists and an estimated half to one million under-sea species to document.
  4. The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) reports TEEB is hosted by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) with financial support from the European Commission, Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Japan.
  5. WWF's Living Planet Report 2010 and their Interactive MindMap that lays down the issues involved in biodiversity conservation and the state of today's biodiversity.


  1. World Bank report - Changing Wealth of Nations:Measuring Sustainable Development in the New Millennium 1995-2005. These reports now factor in nature, good governance and human skills into the calculation of wealth. Raw data can be accessed here.
  2. IPCC Climate Change Assessment Report 4, 2007 For general public and policy makers

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