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Developing undeveloped Divisions

Till now, we have only been able to develop the Division:Plants, Division:Mammals and Division:Education. We havent had the personnel strength to devote to developing the other Divisions. However, we would love to have someone be the leader for the other Divisions (you can be a leader for multiple divisions too). On a priority basis, we would like to get the Division:Reptiles and Division:Birds going as soon as possible. Following divisions remain:

  1. Division:Reptiles
  2. Division:Birds
  3. Division:Invertebrates
  4. Division:Fishes
  5. Division:Amphibians

You do not have to know programming/coding/web designing to do this (if you do, awesome!). You just need to be a naturalist at heart to be involved. For kick-starting each of these divisions, what we need is a set of questions one needs to ask users for getting information about species. For example, for plants, take a look at the form here (You need to register/log-in to view this page). You dont need to create this form. Just send us the following information in MS-WORD at thebrahmaproject at gmail dot com:
1) A list of questions you want to ask users
2) Trustworthy online sources where to find them. This list need not be exhaustive. We have a list of sources too and we can mix and match.
3) Expected answers for some questions. For example, for mammals, if the question is States in which this species is present?, the expected responses will include a list of all states of India.

First, if you want to be involved with doing this, get in touch with us at the above email address. After discussing with us, we can decide the next course of action.