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Marsilea minuta
Biotic zone Northeastern Himalayas + , Eastern Ghats + , Western Ghats + , Central Deccan Plateau + , Indo-Gangetic Plain + , Outlying Islands +
Bloom type annual + , Perennial +
Class Filicopsida +
Common hindi name चौपतिरा Chaupatira  +
Common name Dwarf waterclover, Small waterclover  +
Division/Phylum fern +
Family Marsileaceae +
Food plant part Fruit  +
Food use Yes  +
Food use description There are no fruits and flowers in Pteridophytes. But, the sporophyte of this plant is used by the natives of Andaman Islands as food.  +
Genus Marsilea +
Habitat details Shallow pools, river edges, Canals, ditcheShallow pools, river edges, Canals, ditches, rice fields. Most abundant in temporarily flooded places where it may form large and dense colonies which can become locally dominant. TOLERATES CONSIDERABLE ORGANIC POLLUTION. Sporocarps develop as water recedes.TION. Sporocarps develop as water recedes.  +
Header caption Closeup of the species.  +
Header image Marsilea minuta.jpg  +
IUCN status Not Evaluated  +
Introdescription ''Marsilea minuta'' is a highly plastic an''Marsilea minuta'' is a highly plastic and variable pteridophyte. Other species, namely, ''M. brachycarpa'', ''M. brachypus'', ''M. gracilenta'' and ''M. maheshwari'' also fall within the range of variation and probably are different environmentally induced phenotypes (Cook). All Marsilea species are found in Africa and in India highlighting the fact that India was once upon a time connected to Madagascar. once upon a time connected to Madagascar.  +
Leaf blade type Compound  +
Leaf petiole type Petiolated  +
Leaf shape Oblong  +
Life cycle details It is a tenagophyte. Juvenile usually submIt is a tenagophyte. Juvenile usually submerged, adult is terrestrial. The plant is perennial, but sometimes annual. In different Marsilea species, the adult can be floating, emergent or terrestrial. Plants usually require an emergent period to develop sporocarps. '''The sporocarps may remain viable for over a hundred years and may get reactivated after passing through a duck'''.activated after passing through a duck'''.  +
Medicinal significance Yes  +
Medicinal system Folk Medicine +
Medicinal use description Plant is used as a folk medicine.  +
Modern scientific knowledge description Only the sequence of Rubisco protein and gene are available on NCBI, alongwith some ribosomal spacer regions which are typically used for making phylogenies (Aug 2010)  +
Order Hydropteridales +
Page creation date 21 August 2010  +
Plant commercial No  +
Plant height Up to 3 feet  +
Plant type Fern  +
Regnum Plantae +
Species name w:Marsilea minuta +
State Assam  + , Andhra Pradesh  + , Andaman and Nicobar Islands  + , Bihar  + , Delhi  + , Gujarat  + , Karnataka  + , Kerala  + , Madhya Pradesh  + , Maharashtra  + , Manipur  + , Meghalaya  + , Orissa  + , Punjab  + , Rajasthan  + , Tamil Nadu  + , Tripura  + , Uttar Pradesh  + , West Bengal  +
User ID User:Gauravm +
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