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Abelmoschus moschatus +Drawing  +
Abutilon indicum +Abutilon indicum flower  +
Acacia catechu +Drawing  +
Acacia concinna +Shikakai morphology, from a plate in book published ~1880  +
Acacia nilotica +Flowers of Babool  +
Achillea millefolium +Yarrow flowers late summer in Yosemite National Park, USA  +
Achyranthes aspera +''Achyranthes aspera'' growing in Puntallana, La Palma, Canary Islands  +
Acinonyx jubatus +Cheetah  +
Aconitum palmatum +''Aconitum variegatum'' flowers  +
Acorus calamus +Inflorescence of Sweet Flag  +
Acrostichum aureum +Golden leatherfern photographed in Indonesia  +
Adansonia digitata +African Baobab tree near Kayes, Mali  +
Aegle marmelos +Close-up of a few mature but unripe fruits hanging from a Bael (Aegle marmelos / Rutaceae) tree in the Fruit And Spice Park, Homestead, Florida. Note the Tri-foliate leaf arrangement so typical of Bael.  +
Ailurus fulgens +Red Panda  +
Allium sativum +Bulbils of Garlic  +
Alpinia calcarata +''Alpinia calcarata'' leaves and flowers. Image from Botanical Gardens at Maui, Hawaii.  +
Anacardium occidentale +Twin cashews from Kollam district in Kerala  +
Anacyclus pyrethrum +Mount Atlas Daisy  +
Andrographis paniculata +kalmegh  +
Antilope cervicapra +Blackbuck  +
Arctictis binturong +Binturong, Asian Bearcat,Palawan Bearcat  +
Artocarpus heterophyllus +Jackfruit bunches growing on the tree  +
Axis axis +Chital stag  +
Axis porcinus +Hog deer  +
Azadirachta indica +Neem leaves have a significant medicinal value  +
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