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These articles have been written by people like you. Consider this section as an open blog. If you are registered, you are free to start writing an article on this website. In case you are not familiar with writing a wiki article, send us your article in a MS-WORD document at (admin at projectbrahma dot org). We will wikify it and publish it on the website!
  • A vulnerable country on a fragile planet
    Contributed by: Gaurav Moghe

Since the beginning of civilization, man has been gazing at the stars, wondering if someone was looking down at him. As science progressed and our understanding of the natural world grew, we started asking a more mature question - was there life beyond our planet? There are an estimated 200 billion stars and 500 million habitable planets present in the Milky Way alone. Was it possible for even one of those planets to have given birth to life? After thousands of years of looking at the skies and trillions of dollars spent on satellites, space shuttles and observatories, we have come to realize a deeply disturbing fact - that indeed, we are alone. As far as our most advanced telescopes can see, for billions and billions of miles around us, Planet Earth is the only planet with any sign of life on it...Continue reading...

The Koli-Agri community is a fisheries-dependent indigenous community in Maharashtra
  • Plants and animals important to the Koli-Agri community in Maharashtra
    Contributed by: Dr. Daya Tilwe

...The indigenous knowledge of traditional communities has always remained an easily accessible treasure as it has been handed down usually orally from one generation to another. They are not confined to rural or remote areas but also practiced in highly educated families living in urban areas. The agenda 21 of The Rio Earth summit (1992) stated that the Indigenous (Ethnic) people & their communities & other local communities, have a vital role in environmental management & sustainable development because of their knowledge & traditional practices...Plants are associated with various festivals, religious ceremonies, rituals, rites etc. throughout the world. Important plants & animals used in religious ceremonies which are of spiritual and medicinal significance have been recorded. Women folk are very particular in observing these festivals, ceremonies & rituals. Continue reading...

  • Home remedies for common health problems
    Contributed by: Dr. Daya Tilwe

People have lived in India for the last 4000 years in perfect harmony with nature. This rich history of our civilization is reflected in the diverse array of home-made treatments and remedies for commonly occurring health problems. The Ayurvedic system of alternative medicine probes almost scientifically into questions of human health. However, several local folk practices have also arisen over the past thousands of years which are equally effective. Some such practices for the treatment of common health problems are documented here. Continue reading...

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