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Databases and websites

Non-academics and NGOs

Wildlife conservation

  1. Nature Conservation Foundation
  2. Edhkwehlynawd Botanical Refuge
  3. Wildlife SOS - India
  4. Wildlife and Environment Association (NWEA)
  5. ATREE
  6. BCRT

Environmental conservation

  1. Centre for Environment Research & Education, India
  2. Centre for Science and Environment
  3. Indian Environmental Society (IES)
  4. Tarumitra Wordpress blog or Tarumitra website
  5. Hariyali,Thane
  6. Kalpavriksh
  7. The Green Teacher An activity of Centre for Environment and Education
  8. Centre for Environment Education

Agricultural biodiversity and awareness

  1. Center for Sustainable Agriculture
  2. Navdanya
  3. Center for Indian Knowledge Systems
  4. MS Swaminathan Research Foundation
  5. The Green Foundation
  6. Vrihi


  1. The Parampara Project An initiative of the Ministry of Culture and CEE for documenting India's cultural legacy
  2. Agharkar Research Institute Based in Pune.
  3. Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram Working for tribal upliftment since 1952


E-Groups with interests in Indian biodiversity


Biodiversity portals

NGOs and other groups

Non-biodiversity related

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