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Follow the flights of two of the fastest birds on the planet Rare parrot thinks conservationist photographer is his mate
Birds of Paradise featured on Planet Earth Slow motion videos of hummingbirds

Polar bears and dogs playing Speed Kills : This is Why You Can't Outrun a Cheetah
How to outrun a Cheetah Leopards vs Baboons
A heart-rendering, introspective BBC video of a power struggle in a group of monkeys How modern tracking methods are helping to save tiger populations in India
Stunning video of how bats recognize objects using echolocation What should you do if an elephant charges at you?
Amazing video of a prey-capturing technique of dolphins Bats that eat frogs
Baboons kidnap and raise feral dogs as pets A frolicking little baby elephant
Fish that walk on water! Documentary: The Last Maneater

Caterpillars communicate by walking Praying mantis attacks hummingbird
Amazing animals: Leaf-cutter ants Female Wolf Spider with hundreds of babies on her back

Mating behaviors of Olive Ridley Turtles in Orissa

How the Venus fly trap and Pitcher plant catch their prey Venus Fly Trap HD video
Blooming of the giant Amazonian Water lillies The Corpse flower, the biggest flower in the world


How the clam Lampsilis spreads its young ones