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List of all Mammalian species reported in India

  • A total of 360 present in the database. 129 have some information filled in.
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The above section only includes the mammals whose information has been filled in the Project Brahma database.


The following is a list of mammalian species known to be found in India, based on the data in Jeev Sampada (IBIN), the official Govt of India initiative for biodiversity documentation. All species names with a corresponding name in Species 2000 Catalog of Life 2010 checklist have been set up and linked for filling information. The species which are not recognized by Catalog of Life have not been set up and show up as unlinked text names below.


Data for these mammals has not yet been entered in Brahma

  1. Hemiechinus collaris (Indian long-eared hedgehog)
  2. Hemiechinus micropus (Paraechinus micropus) (Indian hedgehog)
  3. Hemiechinus nudiventris (Paraechinus nudiventris) (Bare-bellied Hedgehog)
  4. Crocidura andamanensis (Andaman shrew)
  5. Crocidura attenuata (Asian grey shrew )
  6. Crocidura hispida (Andaman spiny shrew)
  7. Crocidura horsfieldii (Horsfield's shrew)
  8. Crocidura jenkinsi (Jenkin's Shrew)
  9. Crocidura nicobarica (Nicobar shrew)
  10. Crocidura pergrisea (Kashmir rock shrew)
  11. Crocidura pullata (Dusky shrew)
  12. Crocidura fuliginosa (Southeast Asian Shrew)
  13. Feroculus feroculus (Kelaart's long-clawed shrew)
  14. Suncus dayi (Day's Shrew)
  15. Suncus montanus (Sri Lanka Highland Shrew )
  16. Suncus etruscus (Pygmy white-toothed shrew)
  17. Suncus murinus (Asian house shrew)
  18. Suncus stoliczkanus (Anderson's shrew)
  19. Anourosorex squamipes (Mole-shrew)
  20. Chimmarrogale himalayica
  21. Nyctogale elegans
  22. Sorex minutus (Pgymy shrew)
  23. Episoriculus caudatus (Soriculus caudatus) (Hodgsons's Brown-toothed Shrew)
  24. Episoriculus leucops (Long-tailed Brown-toothed Shrew)
  25. Episoriculus macrurus (Long-tailed Mountain Shrew)
  26. Soriculus nigrescens (Himalayan forest shrew )
  27. Euroscapter micrura
  28. Parascaptor leucura(White-tailed Mole)
  29. Anathana ellioti (Madras Tree Shrew)
  30. Tupaia belangeri (Northern Tree Shrew)
  31. Tupaia nicobarica (Nicobar Tree Shrew)


Data for these mammals has not yet been entered in Brahma

  1. Cynopterus brachyotis
  2. Cynopterus sphinx
  3. Latidens salimali
  4. Megarops niphanae
  5. Pteropus fanulus
  6. Pteropus giganteus
  7. Pteropus Melanotus
  8. Pteropus vampyrus
  9. Rousettus leschenaulti
  10. Sphaerias blanfordi
  11. Eonycterias spelaea
  12. Macroglossus sobrinus
  13. Rhinopoma hardwickii
  14. Rhinopoma microphyllum
  15. Saccolaimus saccolaimus
  16. Taphozous longimanus
  17. Taphozous melanopogon
  18. Taphozous nudiventris
  19. Taphozous perforatus
  20. Taphozous theobaldi
  21. Megaderma lyra (Greater False Vampire Bat)
  22. Megaderma spasma (Lesser False Vampire Bat)
  23. Rhinolophus affinis (Intermediate horseshoe bat)
  24. Rhinolophus cognatus (Andaman horseshoe bat)
  25. Rhinolophus ferrumequinum (Greater Horseshoe Bat)
  26. Rhinolophus hipposideros (Lesser Horseshoe Bat)
  27. Rhinolophus lepidus (Blyth's horseshoe bat)
  28. Rhinolophus luctus (Woolly horseshoe bat)
  29. Rhinolophus macrotis (Big-eared horseshoe bat)
  30. Rhinolophus mitratus (Mitred Horseshoe Bat)
  31. Rhinolophus pearsonii (Pearson's Horseshoe Bat)
  32. Rhinolophus rouxii (Rufous Horseshoe Bat)
  33. Rhinolophus pusillus (Least horseshoe bat)
  34. Rhinolophus subbadius (Little Nepalese Horseshoe Bat)
  35. Rhinolophus trifoliatus (Trefoil horseshoe bat)
  36. Rhinolophus yunanensis (Dobson's Horseshoe Bat)
  37. Coleops frithi
  38. Hipposideros armiger (Great Roundleaf Bat)
  39. Hipposideros ater (Dusky Roundleaf Bat)
  40. Hipposideros cineraceus (Ashy roundleaf bat)
  41. Hipposideros diadema (Diadem Roundleaf Bat)
  42. Hipposideros durgadasi (Khajuria’s leaf-nosed bat)
  43. Hipposideros fulvus (Fulvus Roundleaf Bat)
  44. Hipposideros galeritus (Cantor's Roundleaf Bat)
  45. Hipposideros hypophyllus (Kolar leaf-nosed bat)
  46. Hipposideros lankadiva (Indian Roundleaf Bat)
  47. Hipposideros larvatus (Intermediate Roundleaf Bat)
  48. Hipposideros pomona (Pomona Roundleaf Bat)
  49. Hipposideros schistaceus (Split Roundleaf Bat)
  50. Hipposideros speoris (Schneider's Roundleaf Bat)
  51. Kerivoula hardwickii (Hardwicke's Woolly Bat)
  52. Kerivoula papillosa (Papillose Woolly Bat)
  53. Kerivoula picta (Painted bat)
  54. Barbastella leucomelas (Eastern Barbastelle)
  55. Eptesicus nilssoni (Northern Bat )
  56. Eptesicus pachyotis (Thick-eared Bat)
  57. Eptesicus serotinus (Serotine)
  58. Eptesicus tatei (Sombre Bat)
  59. Hesperostenus ticklli
  60. Ia io (Great Evening Bat)
  61. Myotis annectans (Hairy-faced Bat)
  62. Myotis blythii (Lesser Mouse-eared Bat)
  63. Myotis daubentoni (Daubenton's Bat)
  64. Myotis formosus (Hodgson's bat)
  65. Myotis hasseltii (Lesser large-footed bat)
  66. Myotis horsfieldii (Horsfield's bat)
  67. Myotis longipes (Kashmir Cave Bat)
  68. Myotis montivagus (Burmese Whiskered Bat)
  69. Myotis muricola (Whiskered Myotis )
  70. Myotis mystacinus (Whiskered bat)
  71. Myotis scicarius (Mandelli's Mouse-eared Bat)
  72. Myotis silligorensis
  73. Nyctalus leisleri (Lesser Noctule)
  74. Nyctalus montanus (Mountain Noctule)
  75. Nyctalus noctula (Noctule)
  76. Otonycteris hemprichii (Desert Long-eared Bat)
  77. Pipistrellus affinis (Chocolate Pipistrelle)
  78. Pipistrellus babu (Himalayan Pipistrelle)
  79. Pipistrellus cadornae (Cadorna's Pipistrelle)
  80. Pipistrellus ceylonicus (Kelaart's pipistrelle)
  81. Pipistrellus circumdatus ( Black gilded pipistrelle)
  82. Pipistrellus coromandra (Indian Pipistrelle)
  83. Pipistrellus dormeri (Dormer's Pipistrelle)
  84. Pipistrellus javanicus (Himalayan Pipistrelle)
  85. Pipistrellus kuhlii (Kuhl's Pipistrelle)
  86. Pipistrellus mimus (Indian Pygmy Pipistrelle)
  87. Pipistrellus paterculus (Mount Popa Pipistrelle)
  88. Pipistrellus pipistrellus (Common Pipistrelle)
  89. Pipistrellus peguensis (Pegu Pipistrelle)
  90. Pipistrellus savii (Savi's Pipistrelle)
  91. Plecotus auritus (Brown Big-eared Bat)
  92. Plecotus austriacus (Gray Big-eared Bat)
  93. Scotoecus pallidus (Desert Yellow Bat)
  94. Scotomanes emarginatus (Emarginate Harlequin Bat)
  95. Scotomanes ornatus (Emarginate Harlequin Bat)
  96. Scotophilus heathi (Greater Asiatic Yellow Bat)
  97. Scotophilus kuhli (Lesser Asiatic Yellow Bat)
  98. Tylonycteris pachypus (Lesser Bamboo Bat)
  99. Harpiocephalus harpia (Hairy-winged bat)
  100. Murina aurata (Little Tube-nosed Bat)
  101. Murina cyclotis (Round-eared tube-nosed bat)
  102. Murina grisea (Peters's Tube-nosed Bat)
  103. Murina huttoni (Hutton's Tube-nosed Bat)
  104. Murina leucogaster (Greater Tube-nosed Bat)
  105. Murina tubinaris (Scully's Tube-nosed Bat)
  106. Miniopterus magnater (Western Bent-winged Bat)
  107. Miniopterus pusillus (Small bent-winged bat)
  108. Miniopterus schreibersi (Schreibers's Long-fingered Bat )
  109. Chaerephon plicata (Wrinkle-lipped Free-tailed Bat )
  110. Otomops wroughtoni (Wroughton's Free-tailed Bat)
  111. Tadarida aegyptiaca (Egyptian Free-tailed Bat)
  112. Tadarida teniotis (European Free-tailed Bat)


Data for these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Loris tardigradus (Slender loris)
  2. Nycticebus coucang (Greater Slow Loris )
  3. Macaca arctoides (Stumptail macaque)
  4. Macaca assamensis (Assamese macaque)
  5. Macaca fascicularis (Java Macaque)
  6. Macaca mulatta (Rhesus macaque)
  7. Macaca nemestrina (Pigtailed Macaque)
  8. Macaca radiata (Bonnet Monkey)
  9. Macaca silenus (Wanderoo)
  10. Semnopithecus entellus (Sacred)
  11. Trachypithecus geei (Gee's Golden Langur)
  12. Trachypithecus johni (Nilgiri Langur)
  13. Trachypithecus phayrei (Phayre's Langur)
  14. Trachypithecus pileatus (Capped monkey)
  15. Hylobates hoolock (Bunopithecus hoolock) (White-browed Gibbon)


Data for these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Canis aureus (Golden jackal)
  2. Canis lupus (Wolf)
  3. Cuon alpinus (Dhole)
  4. Vulpes bengalensis (Bengal Fox)
  5. Vulpes cana (Blanford's fox)
  6. Vulpes ferrilata (Tibetan fox)
  7. Vulpes vulpes (Red fox)


Data for these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Acinonyx jubatus (Cheetah)
  2. Caracal caracal (Caracal)
  3. Felis chaus (Jungle cat)
  4. Felis silvestris (Common Wild Cat)
  5. Catopuma temminckii (Temminck's Golden cat)
  6. Lynx lynx (Eurasian lynx)
  7. Felis manul (Otocolobus manul) (Pallas's Cat)
  8. Prionailurus bengalensis (Leopard cat)
  9. Prionailurus rubiginosus (Rusty-spotted cat)
  10. Prionailurus viverrinus (Fishing Cat)
  11. Neofelis nebulosa (Clouded leopard )
  12. Panthera leo (Lion)
  13. Panthera pardus (Leopard)
  14. Panthera tigris (Tiger)
  15. Pardofelis marmorata (Marbled cat)
  16. Uncia uncia (Snow leopard)


Data for these mammals has not yet been entered in Brahma

  1. Herpestes brachyurus (Short-tailed Mongoose)
  2. Herpestes edwardsii (Indian Gray Mongoose)
  3. Herpestes javanicus (Javan Mongoose)
  4. Herpestes palustris (Recognized as Herpestes javanicus)
  5. Herpestes smithii (Ruddy Mongoose)
  6. Herpestes vitticollis (Striped-necked Mongoose)
  7. Herpestes urva (Crab-eating Mongoose)
  8. Lutra lutra (European otter)
  9. Lutrogale perspicillata (Smooth-coated otter)
  10. Amblonyx cinereus (Shown as Aonyx cinereus) (Oriental small-clawed otter)
  11. Arctonyx collaris (Hog badger)
  12. Melogale moschata (Chinese ferret-badger)
  13. Melogale personata (Burmese ferret-badger)
  14. Mellivora capensis (Honey Badger)
  15. Martes flavigula (Yellow-throated marten)
  16. Martes foina (Beech Marten)
  17. Martes gwatekinsii ()
  18. Mustela altaica (Mountain weasel)
  19. Mustela erminea (Stoat)
  20. Mustela kathiah (Yellow-bellied weasel)
  21. Mustela sibirica (Siberian Weasel)
  22. Mustela strigidorsa (Back-striped Weasel)


Data for these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Ailurus fulgens (Red panda)
  2. Helarctos malayanus (Sun bear)
  3. Melursus ursinus (Sloth Bear)
  4. Ursus arctos (Grizzly bear)
  5. Ursus thibetanus (Asiatic black bear)


Data for these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Arctictis binturong (Binturong)
  2. Arctogalidia trivirgata (Small-toother palm civit)
  3. Paguma larvata (Gem-faced civet)
  4. Paradoxurus hermaphroditus (Common palm civet)
  5. Paradoxurus jerdoni (Brown palm civit)
  6. Prionodon pardicolor (Spotted linsang)
  7. Viverra civettina (Malabar Civet)
  8. Viverra zibetha (Da ling mao)
  9. Viverricula indica (Small Indian Civet)

Whales and Dolphins

Data for (most of) these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Balaena mysticetus (Bowhead whale)
  2. Balaenoptera acutorostrata (Northern minke whale)
  3. Balaenoptera borealis (Sei whale)
  4. Balaenoptera edeni (Bryde's whale)
  5. Balaenoptera musculus (Blue whale)
  6. Balaenoptera physalus (Finback whale)
  7. Megaptera novaeangliae (Humpback whale)
  8. Delphinus delphis (Saddle-backed dolphin)
  9. Globicephala macrorhynchus (Short-finned pilot whale)
  10. Lagenodelphis hosei (Fraser's dolphin)
  11. Orcaella brevirostris (Irrawaddy dolphin)
  12. Orcinus orca (Orca)
  13. Peponocephala electra (Melon-headed whale)
  14. Pseudorca crassidens (False killer whale)
  15. Sousa chinensis (Indo-pacific humpbacked dolphin)
  16. Stenella attenuata (Pan-tropical spotted dolphin)
  17. Stenella coeruleoalba (Striped dolphin)
  18. Stenella longirostris (Spinner dolphin)
  19. Steno bredanensis (Rough-toothed dolphin)
  20. Tursiops truncatus (Bottle-nosed dolphin)
  21. Neophocaena phocaenoides (Finless porpoise)
  22. Kogia breviceps (Pygmy sperm whale)
  23. Kogia sima (Dwarf sperm whale)
  24. Physeter macrocephalus (Sperm whale)
  25. Platanista gangetica (Ganges river-dolphin)
  26. Ziphius cavirostris (Cuvier's beaked whale)
  27. Dugong dugon (Dugong)

Elephant, Pigs, Rhino, Boar

Data for these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Elephas maximus (Asian elephant)
  2. Equus kiang (Kiang) Like a donkey/horse
  3. Equus onager (Onager)
  4. Rhinoceros unicornis (Great Indian Rhinoceros)
  5. Sus salvanius (Pigmy Hog)
  6. Sus scrofa (Wild Boar)

Deers and Bovines

Data for these mammals has not yet been entered in Brahma

  1. Moschiola meminna (Indian Spotted Mouse Deer)
  2. Moschus chrysogaster (Alpine Musk Deer)
  3. Moschus fuscus (Dusky Musk Deer)
  4. Axis axis (Chital)
  5. Axis porcinus (Hog Deer)
  6. Cervus duacelli
  7. Cervus elaphus (Red Deer)
  8. Cervus eldi (Thamin)
  9. Cervus unicolor (Sambar)
  10. Muntiacus muntjak (Barking Deer)
  11. Antilope cervicapra (Blackbuck)
  12. Gazella bennetti (Chinkara)
  13. Pantholops hodgsonii (Chiru)
  14. Procapra picticaudata (Goa)
  15. Bos frontalis (Gaur)
  16. Bos grunniens (Grunting ox)
  17. Boselaphus tragocemalus (Nilgai)
  18. Bubalis bubalis (Water Buffalo)
  19. Tetracerus quadricornis (Four-horned Antilope)
  20. Budorcus taxicolor (Takin)
  21. Capra falconeri (Markhor)
  22. Capra sibirica (Siberian Ibex)
  23. Hemitragus hylocrius (Niligiri tahr)
  24. Hemitragus jemlahicus (Himalayan Tahr)
  25. Naemorhedus goral (Eastern himalayan goral)
  26. Naemorhedus sumatraensis (Serow)
  27. Ovis ammon (Argali)
  28. Ovis vignei (Urial)
  29. Pseudois nayaur (Bharal)


Data for these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Manis crassicaudata (Indian Pangolin)
  2. Manis pentadactyla (Chinese Pangolin)


Data for these mammals has not yet been entered in Brahma

  1. Callosciurus erythraeus (Red-bellied squirrel)
  2. Callosciurus canipes
  3. Callosciurus pyrgerythrus (Irawaddy squirrel)
  4. Dremomys loklriah
  5. Dremomys pernyi (Perny's ground squirrel)
  6. Dremomys rufegens
  7. Funambulus layardi (Layard's palm squirrel)
  8. Funambulus palmarum (Common palm squirrel)
  9. Funambulus pennanti (Northern palm squirrel)
  10. Funambulus sublineatus (Dusky palm squirrel)
  11. Funambulus tristriatus (Jungle palm squirrel)
  12. Marmota caudata (Long-tailed marmot) --> Squirrel family
  13. Marmota himalayana (Himalayan marmot)
  14. Ratufa bicolor (Black giant squirrel)
  15. Ratufa indica (Indian giant squirrel)
  16. Ratufa macroura (Grizzled giant squirrel)
  17. Tamiops macclellandi (Himalayan striped squirrel)
  18. Belomys pearsonii (Hairy-footed flying squirrel)
  19. Biswamoyopterus biswasi (Namdapha flying squirrel)
  20. Eupetaurus cinereus
  21. Hylopetes alboniger (Particolored pygmy flying squirrel)
  22. Hylopetes baberi (Afghan pygmy flying squirrel)
  23. Hylopetes fimbriatus (Kashmir pygmy flying squirrel)
  24. Hylopetes phayrei (Phayre's pygmy flying squirrel)
  25. Petaurista elegans (Spotted giant flying squirrel)
  26. Petaurista magnificus (Hodgson's giant flying squirrel)
  27. Petaurista nobilis (Noble giant flying squirrel)
  28. Petaurista petaurista (Red giant flying squirrel)
  29. Petaurista philippensis (South Indian giant flying squirrel)
  30. Petinomys fuscocapillus (Travancore flying squirrel)
  31. Sicista concolor (Chinese Birch Mouse)
  32. Alticola albicauda (White-tailed Mountain Vole)
  33. Alticola argentatus (Silver Mountain Vole)
  34. Alticola montosa (Central Kashmir Vole)
  35. Alticola roylei (Royle's Mountain Vole)
  36. Alticola stoliczkanus (Stoliczka's Mountain Vole)
  37. Alticola stracheyi (Strachey's Mountain Vole)
  38. Eothenomys melanogaster (Père David's Vole)
  39. Hyperacusis fertilis
  40. Hyperacrilus wynnei
  41. Microtus leucurus (Blyth's Vole)
  42. Microtus sikkimensis
  43. Cricetulus alticola (Tibetan Dwarf Hamster)
  44. Cricetulus migratorius (Gray Dwarf Hamster)
  45. Gerbillus gleadowi (Indian Hairy-footed Gerbil)
  46. Gerbillus nanus (Algerian Gerbil)
  47. Meriones hurrianae (Indian Desert Jird)
  48. Tatera indica (Indian gerbil)
  49. Apodemus draco (South China Field Mouse)
  50. Apodemus rusiges (Kashmir Field Mouse)
  51. Apodemus wardi (Ward's Field Mouse)
  52. Bandicota bengalensis (Lesser Bandicoot Rat)
  53. Bandicota indica (Greater Bandicoot Rat)
  54. Berlmys bowersi ()
  55. Berylmys mackenziei (Kenneth's White-toothed Rat)
  56. Berylmys manipulus (Manipur White-toothed Rat)
  57. Chiropodmys gliroides ()
  58. Cremnomys blanfordi (Blanford's Rat)
  59. Cremnomys cutchicus (Cutch Rat)
  60. Cremnomys elvira (Elvira Rat)
  61. Dacnomys millardi (Millard's Rat)
  62. Dryomys crumpi ()
  63. Golunda ellioti (Indian Bush Rat)
  64. Hadromys humei (Manipur Bush Rat)
  65. Leopoldamys edwardsi (Edwards's Long-tailed Giant Rat)
  66. Micromys minutus (Eurasian Harvest Mouse)
  67. Millardia gleadowi (Sand-colored Soft-furred Rat)
  68. Millardia kondana (Kondana Soft-furred Rat)
  69. Millardia meltada (Soft-furred Rat)
  70. Mus booduga (Little Indian Field Mouse)
  71. Mus cervicolor (Fawn-colored Mouse)
  72. Mus cookii (Cook's Mouse)
  73. Mus famulus (Servant Mouse)
  74. Mus musculus (Western House Mouse)
  75. Mus pahari (Gairdner's Shrewmouse)
  76. Mus phillipsi (Phillips's Mouse)
  77. Mus platythrix (Flat-haired Mouse)
  78. Mus saxicola (Rock-loving Mouse)
  79. Mus terricolor (Earth-colored Mouse)
  80. Nesokia indica (Short-tailed Bandicoot Rat)
  81. Niviventer brahma (Brahma white bellied rat)
  82. Niviventer eha (Smoke-bellied Rat)
  83. Niviventer fulvescens (Chestnut White-bellied Rat)
  84. Niviventer langbianus ()
  85. Niviventer niviventer (White-bellied Rat)
  86. Niviventer tenaster (Tenasserim White-bellied Rat)
  87. Rattus burrus ()
  88. Rattus nitidus ()
  89. Rattus norvegicus ()
  90. Rattus palmarum ()
  91. Rattus ranjaniae ()
  92. Rattus rattus ()
  93. Rattus sikkimensis ()
  94. Rattus stoicus ()
  95. Rattus tanezumi ()
  96. Rattus turkestanicus ()
  97. Rattus vicerex ()
  98. Platacanthomys lasiurus (Malabar Spiny Dormouse)
  99. Vandeleuria nolthenii (Vandeleuria oleracea) (Nolthenius's Long-tailed Climbing Mouse)
  100. Cannomys badius (Lesser Bamboo Rat)
  101. Rhizomys pruinosus (Hoary Bamboo Rat)
  102. Atherurus macrourus (Asian Brush-tailed Porcupines)
  103. Hystrix brachyura (Malayan Porcupine)
  104. Hystrix indica (Indian Crested Porcupine)


Data for these mammals is entered in Brahma

  1. Ochotona curzoniae (Plateau pika)
  2. Ochotona forresti (Forrest's pika)
  3. Ochotona ladacensis (Ladak pika)
  4. Ochotona macrotis (Large-eared pika)
  5. Ochotona nubrika
  6. Ochotona roylei (Royle's pika)
  7. Ochotona thibetana (Moupin pika )
  8. Caprolagus hispidus (Hispid hare)
  9. Lepus nigricollis (Indian hare)
  10. Lepus oiostolus (Woolly hare)
  11. Lepus tolai (Tolai hare)
  12. Hyaena hyaena (Striped hyaena)