Northwestern Himalayas

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Plants found in Northwestern Himalayas

A total of 19 plants in the Brahma Database are found in Northwestern Himalayas.

Species nameCommon nameCommon hindi nameHabitat details
Achillea millefoliumCommon Yarrow, Gordaldo, Nosebleed plant, Old man's pepper, Devil's nettle, Sanguinary, Milfoil, Soldier's woundwort, Thousand-leaf, Thousand-seal.Gandrain, Puthkanda, भूतकॆशी Bhut Kesi
Aconitum palmatum
Azadirachta indicaNeemनीम NeemMainly a tropical and subtropical species, it grows mainly in low-lying areas and wooded areas in India and Sri Lanka. Neem is known to grow well under less water availability and thus is a hardy species. The species has been naturalized now in several other countries like Indonesia and Australia. The plant is found growing along road sides, near temples, wooded areas, forest edges, gardens, deciduous forests etc.
Calotropis proceraRubber bush, apple of SodomAak आक, Mudar मुदर
Catharanthus roseusTiny Periwinkle, Vincaसदाबहार SadabahaOf the eight species of Catharanthus, seven are endemic to Madagascar and the one - C. roseus - is also found in India. This unlikely coincidence is probably because India and Madagascar were joined in the Pangaea before the movement of continents. C. roseus grows best in warm climates and is hardy with respect to its nutritional and water requirements. Madagascar periwinkle is a tolerant plant that can become established in a variety of tropical and subtropical habitats. In Madagascar, the plant’s native home, it has been collected in open woods, shrublands, grasslands, and disturbed areas, along roadsides, and on beaches and limestone rocks. It is found from sea level to 900 m altitude, on a variety of substrates.
Cedrus deodaraDeodar CedarदेओदारThe `cedar' is commonly gregarious at altitudes from 2000‑3000 m.
Cinnamomum tamalaIndian Bay Leaf, Indian cassia, Indian cassia bark, Tamala cassia, Malabar Leafतेजपत्ता tejpatta
Crocus sativusSaffronकेसर Kesar
Glycyrrhiza glabraCultivated Liquorice, Sweetwoodमुलेठी Mulethi
Hiptage benghalensisHiptage, Helicopter flowerमाधवी लता Madhavi Lata, अतिमुक्त AtimuktaThe plant is naturalized and cultivated in some regions. It grows in damp places. Needs presence of other trees in vicinity.
Mangifera indicaMangoआम Am
Mimusops elengiSpanish cherry, Bullet woodबकुल Bakul, मौलसरी MaulsariMimusops elengi is found often near the coast, but is also found inland, upto 600m altitude. It doesnt require a lot of water and can grow where here is slightly seasonal rainfall. Usually found in dry habitats, but requires fertile soil to mature. It can stand waterlogging for up to 2 months. It is tolerant of light frost.
Murraya exoticaChinese box, Orange JasmineKamini कामिनीThe native range is China, India, Sri Lanka and other regions in South East Asia. It is a tropical species and has also been naturalized in many locations such as Puerto Rico. Some authors consider M. paniculata and M. exotica as separate species, but they have been identified in the Species 2000 list as synonyms. The plant is highly adapted to many environments and can grow from sea level to 1300m. Grows on soils derived from both sedimentary and igneous rocks, although it may prefer limestone areas. Plants are hardy and survive at temperatures upto -4C.
Nelumbo nuciferaWater Lily, Lotus, Sacred Lotus, East Indian Lotusकमल KamalRooted hydrophyte. The plant has firm roots in the mud and flowers out of the water surface. Hence it needs shallow water bodies to grow. It grows in permanent water bodies,small ponds and shallow areas of lakes and rivers, upto altitudes of 400m. The plant adds to the dissolved oxygen in water and thus is important for the health of the flora and fauna in the water bodies. It also provides solid substrate and shade for its cohabitants. The plant is also found abundantly in China and other East Asian countries, where also it is highly culturally integrated. It is possible that the locus of origin of Nelumbo nucifera is the sub-Himalayan region.
Ocimum tenuiflorumHoly Basil, Indian Basilतुलसी TulsiThis plant is found all across India in a wide range of habitats. In the Himalayas, it is found upto 1800m altitude. Tulsi generally prefers moist soils.
Phyllanthus emblicaIndian Gooseberry, Amlaआमला AmlaThe tree is commonly found in deciduous forests in India, upto 4500ft in the hilly regions.
Terminalia chebulaChebulic Myrobalan, Myrobalanहर्रा Harra, हरड़ Harad
Zingiber capitatumWild Gingerजंगली अदरक Jangali adrak
Zingiber chrysanthumGolden flowered ginger