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Taxon details ''Zingiberaceae'' split off from the genus ''Costaceae'' ~79 or ~100 million years ago, based on two estimates (Kress06,Janssen04). The family consists of over 93 genera and over 2000 different species, with the center of diversity in South-East Asia.  +
Taxon level Family +
Taxon morphology details Small to large herbaceous plants, distichoSmall to large herbaceous plants, distichous leaves with basal sheaths that overlap to form a pseudostem. Plants are either self-supporting or epiphytic. Flowers are hermaphroditic, usually strongly zygomorphic (bilateral symmetry), in determinate cymose inflorescences, with conspicuous, spirally arranged bracts. The perianth is composed of two whorls, a fused tubular calyx, and a tubular corolla with one lobe larger than the other two. Flowers typically have two of their stamenoids (sterile stamens) fused to form a petaloid lip, and have only one fertile stamen. The ovary is inferior and topped by two nectaries, the stigma is funnel-shaped.wo nectaries, the stigma is funnel-shaped.  +
Taxon name Zingiberaceae +
Taxon neighbors Costaceae +
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Categories Higher level taxa  +
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Alpinia abundiflora + , Alpinia allughas + , Alpinia aquatica + , Alpinia calcarata + , Alpinia roxburghii + , Curcuma longa + , Curcuma zedoaria + , Elettaria cardamomum + , Zingiber capitatum + , Zingiber chrysanthum + , Zingiber officinale + , Zingiber rubens + Family
Zingiberaceae + Taxon name


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