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Species nameSpecies name#Common nameCommon Hindi nameFamilyAilment typeMedicinal use description
Justicia procumbensJusticia procumbensWater willow, Shrimp plantकरंबल Karambal (Marathi)AcanthaceaePains and Inflammation
Common ailments
The plant, collected and dried when in flower, can be used as a substitute for ''Fumaria'' as a laxative, diuretic and skin conditions like eczema (Watt book) Plant extracts are also administered in local medicine as expectorants in asthma, coughs, and rheumatism. In Ophthalmia, leaf juice is squeezed into the eyes of the patient. The odor of the whole plant is unpleasant; it is used in decoction for backache, plethora, and flatulence.
Phlogacanthus curviflorusPhlogacanthus curviflorusWild NongmangkhaNAAcanthaceaeCommon ailmentsIn Manipur, leaf extract is boiled and used as a tea to cure cough and fever. Flowers can be eaten raw or fried as tonic. In Arunachal Pradesh, pounded flowers are used as condiment.
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