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This is the "Combined plant species form" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Combined plant species form
|page creation date=
|species name=
|common name=
|common hindi name=
|common indian names=
|name meanings=
|Ref source=
|type of plant=
|plant height=
|flower color=
|flower shape=
|leaf phyllotaxy=
|leaf petiole type=
|leaf blade type=
|seed dispersal=
|bloom type=
|plant general morphology=
|life cycle=
|biotic zone=
|habitat details=
|medicinal significance=
|ailment type=
|plant toxic effects=
|plant clinical studies=
|medicinal use description=
|plant medicinal parts=
|medicinal molecular basis=
|medicinal active compounds=
|medicinal molecular basis description=
|plant toxic effect details=
|plant clinical study details=
|food use=
|food plant part=
|food use description=
|religious significance=
|religious occasion=
|religious use description=
|plant cultivation=
|plant cultivation part=
|general plant uses=
|plant cultivation states=
|time of planting=
|time of harvesting=
|propagation methods=
|plant pests and diseases=
|water requirement=
|cultivation details=
|molecular data=
|molecular data type=
|molecular details=
|herbarium institutes=