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 TitleAuthorTopicStudy centerStudy regionStudy stateInstitutionInstitution locationInstitution region
Ecology for Children - an experiment in environmental storytellingEcology for Children - an experiment in environmental storytellingGauravmEnvironmental organizationsNot notedNot notedPan-IndiaNot notedNot notedNot noted
Indigenous practices and biodiversity conservation in UttarakhandHow indigenous culture has preserved biodiversity in Uttarakhand,Central HimalayasRajinikanth MohanIndigenous practicesNot notedNot notedUttarakhandNot notedNot notedNot noted
Man made radiation and nature's resilienceMan made radiation and nature's resilienceRajinikanth MohanBiodiversity and environmentNot notedNot notedJapanNot notedNot notedNot noted

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