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Hygrophila auriculata
Ailment Jaundice  + , Diuretic  + , Dropsy  + , Rheumatism  + , Urinogenital disorders  + , Hepatitis  + , Skin diseases  +
Ailment type Infectious diseases  + , Pains and Inflammation  + , Common ailments  + , Organ-specific disorders  +
Bloom type Perennial +
Class Magnoliopsida +
Commercial application Medicinal use  + , Ornamental use  +
Commercial use description As described previously, the plant parts can be used to treat liver ailments. In addition, the plant also bears beautiful blue-colored flowers and hence can be used in aquariums and artificial ponds as an ornamental plant.  +
Common Indian names तालीम ख़ाना Talim Khana, Gokula kanta (Hindi);तालीम ख़ाना Talim Khana (Marathi); Nirumuli (Tamil); Voyal-chullai (Malayalam); Kokilakshi (Telugu); Kalavankabija (Kannada); Shulamardan (Bengali); Kalaso(Konkani); कोकिलाक्ष Kokilaksha, Shrinkhali (Sanskrit)  +
Common hindi name तालीम ख़ाना Talim Khana  +
Common name Hygrophila, Temple plant, Marsh Barbel  +
Cultivation details The plant can be grown outdoors in pond maThe plant can be grown outdoors in pond margins or in the mud at the base of the pond. However, it needs full light to grow. In aquariums, the plant needs to be grown in containers at the margins of a pool or submerged in bright filtered light with 20-24C water temperature. The plant can be divided in summer. The stem-tips or softwood cuttings can be rooted in summer. The leaves which get detached and float around can also form roots.ched and float around can also form roots.  +
Division/Phylum Magnoliophyta +
Family Acanthaceae +
Flower color Blue  + , Lavender/Purple  +
Genus Hygrophila +
Habitat details Is a wild aquatic plant. Grows near ponds, lakes, ditches, paddy-fields. Is an attractive foliage for pond margins.  +
Header caption Closeup of a ''H. schulli'' flower from medak district in Andhra Pradesh  +
Header image Hygrophila schulli (Kolshinda) in Narshapur, AP W3 IMG 0926.jpg  +
IUCN status Not Evaluated  +
Introdescription ''Hygrophila auriculata'' is belongs to the genus ''Hygrophila'' whose identity as a separate genus is still debated. ''H. auriculata'' is an aquatic, perennial herb which has medicinal properties in treating liver ailments according to Ayurveda.  +
Leaf blade type Simple  +
Leaf petiole type Sessile  +
Leaf phyllotaxy Whorled  +
Leaf shape Lanceolate  +
Life cycle details Grows from August to March.  +
Medicinal active compound details High concentration of Potassium and mucilage are two of active components.  +
Medicinal molecular basis Yes  +
Medicinal molecular basis description The molecular basis is not clearly understThe molecular basis is not clearly understood. However, the alcoholic and aqueous extracts of seeds has been shown to be hepato-protective. Feeding diabetic mice with aerial parts of the plant also leads to increase in hepato-protective compounds such as Glutathione and enzymes such as Glutathione Peroxidase in the kidney and liver. This antioxidant action could be responsible for its popularity in liver-protective medicines. popularity in liver-protective medicines.  +
Medicinal significance Yes  +
Medicinal system Ayurveda + , Folk Medicine +
Medicinal use description For treating skin diseases, dried leaf powder mixed with castor oil is applied on the affected region twice a day. (Unsupported claim)  +
Modern scientific knowledge description Mostly, activities of extracts on mice or cell cultures is known. Not much else.  +
Order Lamiales +
Page creation date 2 October 2010  +
Plant commercial Yes  +
Plant commercial part Entire plant  + , Root  + , Leaves  + , Seeds  +
Plant height Up to 3 feet  +
Plant medicinal part Root  + , Leaves  + , Seeds  +
Plant pest and disease Water snails +
Plant type Herb  +
Propagation method Seeds  + , Vegetative propagation  +
Regnum Plantae +
Seed dispersal Entomophily (By insects)  +
Species name w:Hygrophila auriculata +
Time of harvesting Summer  + , Monsoon  + , Post-monsoon  +
Time of planting Summer  + , Monsoon  +
User ID User:Gauravm +
Water need High  +
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