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Azolla pinnata
Biotic zone Northeastern Himalayas + , Eastern Ghats + , Western Ghats + , Central Deccan Plateau + , East Coast + , West Coast + , Indo-Gangetic Plain +
Bloom type annual + , Perennial +
Commercial application Animal consumption  + , Agricultural use  +
Commercial use description ''Azolla'' has been used, for at least one''Azolla'' has been used, for at least one thousand years, in rice paddies as a companion plant, because of its ability to both fix nitrogen, and block out light to prevent any competition from other plants, aside from the rice, which is planted when tall enough to poke out of the water through the azolla layer. When rice paddies are flooded in the spring, they can be inoculated with ''Azolla'', which then quickly multiplies to cover the water, suppressing weeds. The rotting plant material releases nitrogen to the rice plants, providing up to nine tonnes of protein per hectare per year. The nitrogen fixing ability of Azolla is due to the cyanobacteria in the plant. It can replace 25-30 kg nitrogen per hectare as applied through ammonium sulfate.ctare as applied through ammonium sulfate.  +
Common name Mosquito fern, Duckweed fern, Fairy moss, Water fern  +
Division/Phylum fern +
Endemic Eastern Ghats false  +
Endemic Himalayan false  +
Endemic Western Ghats false  +
Family Azollaceae +
Genus Azolla +
Habitat details ''A. pinnata'' is a wetland, aquatic speci''A. pinnata'' is a wetland, aquatic species. found freely floating on water, in inundated rice fields, canals and ponds. Azolla cannot survive winters with prolonged freezing, so is often grown as an ornamental plant at high latitudes where it cannot establish itself firmly enough to become a weed. It is not tolerant to salinity; normal plants can't survive in greater than 1-1.6‰, and even conditioned organisms die in over 5.5% salinity. Other Azolla species are also serious weeds in many parts of the world, entirely covering some bodies of water. The myth that no mosquito can penetrate the coating of fern to lay its eggs in the water gives the plant its common name "mosquito fern".the plant its common name "mosquito fern".  +
Header caption Azolla species are used as biofertilizers  +
Header image Azolla caroliniana0.jpg  +
IUCN status Not Evaluated  +
Native species No  +
Page creation date 12 May 2010  +
Plant commercial Yes  +
Plant type Algae  +
Regnum Plantae +
Species name w:Azolla pinnata +
State Assam  + , Andhra Pradesh  + , Bihar  + , Karnataka  + , Kerala  + , Maharashtra  + , Manipur  + , Orissa  + , Rajasthan  + , Sikkim  + , Tamil Nadu  + , Tripura  + , Uttar Pradesh  + , West Bengal  +
User ID User:Gauravm +
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