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Species nameSpecies name#Common nameCommon Hindi nameFamilyAilment typeMedicinal use description
Glycyrrhiza glabraGlycyrrhiza glabraCultivated Liquorice, Sweetwoodमुलेठी MulethiFabaceaeInfectious diseases
Pains and Inflammation
Systemic disorders
Organ-specific disorders
Root is sweet, refrigerant, tonic, aphrodisiac, alexeteric, diuretic; good for eye; improves taste; lessens hiccups, vomiting; heals ulcers, wounds; improves voice; purifies blood; used in leprosy, anemia; abdominal pains, epilesy (Ayurveda). The root relieves thirst, cough, vomiting, asthma, bronchistis, abdominal colic, headache; cures eye troubles, unhealthy humours, ulcers. Leaves are used for scalds of the head, and in foul perspiration of the armpits (Unani).
Saraca indicaSaraca indicaAshokaअशोक AshokFabaceaePains and Inflammation
Common ailments
The extract from bark has stimulatory activity on the ovarian tissue. It may be producing an estrogen like activity enhancing the repair of the endometrium and preventing bleeding. The extract from flowers has been shown in mice to have anti-skin cancer activity.
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