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Species nameSpecies name#Common nameCommon Hindi nameFamilyAilment typeMedicinal use description
Curcuma zedoariaCurcuma zedoariaWhite turmeric, Zedoaryजंगली हऴदी Jangli HaldiZingiberaceae
Elettaria cardamomumElettaria cardamomumCardamom, Green cardamomइलाएची ElaichiZingiberaceaeCardamom is used as an adjuvant to carminative drugs. It is officially recognised in British and US pharmacopoeias and used as an aromatic stimulant, carminative and flavouring agent. It can be used to ease cigarette addiction. Eating a few seeds of cardamom can safely be recommended to initially minimise the number if cigarettes being smoked, and slowly the smoker may give up the chronic addiction to chain smoking
Zingiber officinaleZingiber officinaleGarden gingerअदरक AdrakZingiberaceaePains and Inflammation
Organ-specific disorders
Mental disorders
In Unani system of medicine the rhizomes are used in stomachic, aphrodisiac, tonic, expectorant, carminative. It also used in removal of pain due to cold and warms from the brain. Ginger is very useful in piles, rheumatism, headach, lumbago, pains.
Zingiber rubensZingiber rubensBengal GingerZingiberaceae
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