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Species nameSpecies name#Common nameCommon Hindi nameFamilyAilment typeMedicinal use description
Alpinia allughasAlpinia allughasTaraTara (Bengali)ZingiberaceaeThe plant is used in Chinese folk medicine
Alpinia calcarataAlpinia calcarataSnap Ginger, Cardamom ginger, Indian gingerकुलंजन KulanjanZingiberaceaePains and Inflammation''Alpinia calcarata'' is used atleast in Sri Lanka as a folk medicine for pain relief. Some studies from University of Colombo have tried to study the effect of ethanolic extracts and hot water extracts on reproductive competence and pain relief in rats.
Curcuma longaCurcuma longaCommon Turmericहल्दी HaldiZingiberaceaeInfectious diseases
Pains and Inflammation
Common ailments
Systemic disorders
Organ-specific disorders
Although several studies have shown efficacy of using turmeric for many diseases, reliable scientific evidence is lacking for many conditions. The important active component is a polyphenol called Curcumin. It has been shown to have antioxidant, antibiotic, antitumor, antiamyloid, antiischemic and antiinflammatory properties. '''See molecular details more more specific mode of action'''.
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