GEN101:India and biodiversity

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Module code


  • This is a general module (vs a specific field-oriented module)
  • This is the first general course being created

All sections of this module will have this code in front of their names

Learning goals

This module is intended to explain the following concepts:

  1. India is a megadiverse nation in terms of biodiversity
  2. The Indian culture is intricately linked to biodiversity of the land
  3. Several resources exist if one wants to study biodiversity in India

How to proceed with the module


  1. GEN101:Introduction
  2. GEN101:India as a megadiverse nation
  3. GEN101:Geography and climate of India
  4. GEN101:Biodiversity and Indian society
  5. GEN101:Rare and Interesting species of India
  6. GEN101:Final Quiz

Final Quiz

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