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Biodiversity of India Quiz

* There are 10 questions in this quiz.

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<quiz display=simple> {Fill in the national symbols of India: |type="{}"} The national animal of India is { tiger|Tiger|Panthera tigris _20}. The national flower is { lotus|Lotus|Nelumbo nucifera _20} and the national tree is { Fig Tree|Fig|fig tree|fig|banyan|Banyan|Indian Banyan|indian banyan|Ficus benghalensis _20}. The national bird of India is { peacock|Peacock|Pavo cristatus _20}.

{State True or False:
The Ganges river has sharks. |type="()"} + True || The Ganges Shark is a species of shark found in India. It is critically endangered. Another Ganges creature - the Ganges River Dolphin is also Endangered. - False

{State True or False:
The Asiatic Cheetah is one of the successes of conservation efforts in India |type="()"} - True + False || Sadly, this species was driven to extinction in India due to hunting and habitat destruction. Recently, there have been some efforts to reintroduce some Asiatic Cheetahs from Iran to sanctuaries in India. However, the plan is still to be thoroughly implemented

Identify this eminent Indian naturalist

| type="()" } - Dr. Homi Bhabha - Dr. Rajendra Pachauri + Dr. Salim Ali || Dr. Salim Ali was an eminent Indian ornithologist, also called the "Birdman of India"
- Dr. Chandrashekhar

{Which was the first national park in India? | type="()" } - Sanjay Gandhi National Park + Jim Corbett National Park || Corbett National Park was the first park to be established in India in 1937. Initially it was called the Hailey National Park. Click here to see a list of all National Parks of India] - Kaziranga National Park - Bandipur National Park

{The plant Curcuma longa is native to India. True or False | type="()" } + True || Curcuma longa or Turmeric is a plant native to India. It has several medicinal properties and has been used in Indian culture and cuisine for centuries. - False

{Which of these people is the current minister for Environment and Forests in the Indian cabinet? | type="()" } + Jairam Ramesh.jpg || Correct. This is the image of Jairam Ramesh - 100px || Incorrect. This is Arun Jaitley of BJP - 100px || Incorrect. This is Lalu Prasad Yadav - Abdulkalam04052007.jpg || Incorrect. This is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

{Which of these plants is considered a symbol of fertility in Hinduism? | type="()" } - Banyan Tree + Ashoka Tree

Flowers of Ashoka tree
This is the correct answer. Ashoka tree (Saraca indica) is considered so in Hinduism and Buddhism. Recently, through modern scientific methods, it has been shown that the extract of bark of this plant has an ability to hasten the repair of the endometrium in menstruating women. Click here for more information...

- Tulsi - Jasmine (Chameli)

{ Identify the bird making this sound: right click and open in new tab | type="()" } - Sparrow - Ostrich + Peacock

|| This is the correct answer. Play this video for the confirmation and a repeat of this irritating sound.
- Great White Pelican { What is this creature (pictured alongside) commonly called?
Bos grunniens - Syracuse Zoo.jpg

| type="()" } - Yeti - Mountain cow + Yak || This is the correct answer. - Ox