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License on

All original textual and image content (except logo and header) of this website are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license (CC-BY-SA).

This license allow anyone to re-use the content in any way they choose. This includes charging money for access to the content, distributing it wherever and however they like, and modifying it in any way they see fit. However,

  • If you alter CC-BY-SA content, your changes must also be released under the CC-BY-SA.
  • Any use of CC-BY-SA content must provide credit to the authors. Original textual material on should be cited as:,[URL] [Page Title]:[Section Title], Access date

Note: Please seek proper legal advice if you are in any doubt about what you are and are not allowed to do with material released under either license.

Logos and Header

The Biodiversity of India and Project Brahma logos as well as the header banner of this website are copyrighted works of creation. Any attempt to infringe on these copyrights will be dealt with legally.

Images and data from external sites

Image-specific permissions are located on the images' description pages. All images are released under the license specified in the description page of the images.. If a license is not specified on the description page, please contact thebrahmaproject at gmail dot com for information. This also holds true for content that has been imported from external websites automatically.

Data from Encyclopedia of Life, most of the times, is released under CC-BY-NC-SA or CC-BY-NC. This means the end user cannot make commercial use of the information. In addition, for CC-BY-NC-SA, the user has to release the data specifically under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. Please check Encyclopedia of Life for more details.

Waiver of responsibility

The Project Brahma/Biodiversity of India website team does not assume any responsibility for copyright infringements brought about by contributors to the website. Any copyright infringement brought to our notice (admin at projectbrahma dot org) will be dealt with immediately by removal of the infringing content.


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