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What is this section about?

As you may be well aware, currently there is an exodus of people towards cities in India. Families in India, which traditionally were joint families, are slowly disintegrating, especially in the cities. The so-called "nuclear families" consist of the mother, the father and and their kids. Grandparents are slowly moving out of the families. Due to all these factors, knowledge about our biodiversity which was traditionally handed orally or practically from generation to generation is being rapidly lost. If this trend continues, we would be losing a large part of the rich legacy of India.

What kind of knowledge is being lost? Medicinal uses of different plants, knowledge of the concoctions prepared, cultural associations of different plants and animals to name a few. For example, our grandmothers told us stories of gods and goddesses and their favorite animals and birds and plants. However, how many of these stories do WE know to pass on to our future generations?

This particular section aims to collect mythological stories from different parts of India and host them at one place. For example, if you know some stories and cultural associations of some species, you could write a paragraph on it on Project Brahma. These type of stories generally cannot be verified by one group or one person. However, using the power of community moderation, we can verify and display such stories. Stories you write will be prominently attributed to you, of course.

If you are interested in doing this, please contact us at thebrahmaproject at gmail dot com. And now, go ahead and read some such stories we have already compiled...

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