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User ID Ashwinip
Date of joining
Real Name Ashwini Phadnis-Moghe
Institutional affiliation Michigan State University
General area of work Postdoc/PhD Student
User email
Current residence city Lansing, Michigan
Geographical coordinates 42° 43' 57.126" N, 84° 33' 19.9249" WThe type of this property is invalid
Current residence country USA
Permanent residence city Navi Mumbai
Permanent residence country India
Research Interests
General Interests
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Other Brahma users working in same general area of work Alok, Anishazaveri, Ashwinip, Gauravm, Manasiapte, Rajinikanthm, Shwetank Verma, Shwetankverma, Supriyak
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Articles contributed by me

Page nameModification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki.
Ashwinip29 March 2011 15:43:28
Calotropis procera1 December 2010 13:49:49
Crocus sativus2 December 2010 17:27:01
Hiptage benghalensis6 September 2010 23:54:56
Mimusops elengi14 November 2010 17:47:44
Murraya koenigii6 September 2010 15:29:17
Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis17 September 2010 00:33:53
Terminalia chebula1 December 2010 12:55:51